Thursday, June 12, 2014

My favorite picks from Kiser Kraft: Handmade Mania Week 34

Yesterday was my birthday, and I wanted to show you things that I want. Kiser Krafts Blog shared with all of us, as a weekly basis the best of the best at the handmade community. I like visiting shops and making wish list for the time I win the lotto. It will be soon... I can feel it! :D

For this week, as I have My Girl and the Baby Boy on my mind, I decided for this 3 items: 

From Dazzling and Dapper this cute shirt for a Baby Boy -  King of the Castle Embroidered Shirt

From this amazing art that will look fabulous at my girls room
Bravely Hand Painted Wood Slice

From Bally and Lis this Large Cosmetic Bag that will be awesome for my stuff inside the baby bag.

Visit Kiser Krafts Blog and let us know which one are your favorites items. I really enjoy looking thru all my friends shops.

Enjoy your day!


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