Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We are back in business...

After a year of experimenting in running my website, doing homeschool to my Girl, babysitting my now Toddler Baby Boy, and taking care of all the SAHM issues that comes in the way... I decided to close most of Pelhuaz presence, and just gave up. 

Yeah shit happens!

Well, after further consideration, I decided to try again. I re-opened my Storenvy Shop (which is the best way to proceed right now, as they incorporated Paypal again into the Marketplace... Let me hear an AMEN!). 

Little by little, I'll be more visible but all in my own pace. I'm not looking to be famous, nor rich... If that happen, I won't complain :D... I just want to be useful to others, and just use my time in the way I like it! 

So, now you can find me at my Storenvy Shop , at Facebook, at Instagram and at Twitter. I'll be updating this blog shortly, as all the links are outdated or will not take you anywhere. Sorry for that. 

Also, it's probably that I change the name of it, but that we'll see. 

Well, this was a quick note that I made while the kids were playing, actually screaming for the governance of the TV control.  

Hope your week is full of great moments that you treasure with the family. This is a very important week for lots of us that believe in Love. Wishing you the best, and write to you later! :D