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Here I am again... This is the second time around. I decided to close Pelhuaz, but wasn't able to be away that long. So let me update you with the me info. 

I'm still Zei, still unruly, still sarcastic, and pelua (tangled)... As some of you already know I'm a Telecommunications Project Manager on permanent vacation, that love making crafts and most of all jewelry. I'm a momma, a wife, a homeschooler, a crafter, an artisan, and a SAHM of two beautiful children.

This is me...

I'm also the owner of Pelhuaz. Pelhuaz have exquisite handmade jewelry. Simple jewelry intended to make you feel fabulous. Each piece I create it's made from start to finish with much care and love.

Here's a sample of my work: 

All the jewelry I create it's handmade and I welcome your special request. I'll surely create a splendid, darling accessory just for you! 

That's pretty much a summary of "Yours Trully". If you want to keep-up with the craziness of my days, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Live is to short to wear boring jewelry!

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