Saturday, November 29, 2014

The perfect stocking stuffers... Two amazing sales...

Pelhuaz have so many new items available, and so many more to come - that will be great as stocking stuffers. We are participating in two fabulous sales and wanted to share great findings from my fellow handcrafty friends.

The Indie A List and the AListHoliday14

As you all know I'm a very proud member of The Indie A List. This is a elite group of handmade stores that provide the best products with the best service EVER. We had created a Gift Guide with all the fabulous stores available. Here are just a few:


I'm a huge fan of Tessa's work and her T's.

Red Letter Paper Company

I love the paper goods that this store have. Their Season items are fabulous.

Little House of Crafting

The best pins ever. Toni is so imaginative when it to her pins design. 

Plum Papaya

The cutest creatures, critters & quilts. So cute that I want them all.

Crafteroni & Cheese

You can find here amazing amigurumi friend. The cutest of all!

Storenvy Community and the StorenvyFlash30

As a Storenvy Shop Owner, I was able to connect with a fabulous community. Cody from Lu & Ed is the sponsor of the second Storenvy Flash Sale on Cyber Monday. It will take place tomorrow December 1st, from 12am EST to 11:59PM EST. Everything in the participant stores will be 30% off with code StorenvyFlash30. Here are few of them:


Unique Creations by Tracy

This shop have so many cute crochet items, from owls to baskets and much more.

Violet's Buds

The prettiest hair accessories and fabulous hoop decor. Love the clips and I have few myself! 

Adore by Nat

The name said it all. Adorable party decoration and paper beauties, such as tags, cards and signs. She's the responsible that my packaging looks so nice!  

Kiser Kraft

Fabulous socks toys made by the Sock Goddess Kelly.

Well, here they are. Some of my favorite stores. Take a look and just let me know which one is your favorite!


Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!


Monday, November 10, 2014

No one told me...

It's another week on the countdown to Christmas. Isn't that great? I just remember last year celebration and it was not so long ago. I also remember discovering that I was pregnant. All the magical and fabulous sensation of the excitement of the baby to be.

We wanted this baby for so long and finally we were able to have him. This was my 3rd pregnancy - I have 2 girls, and I thought that I knew the 9 month drill.

How wrong I was...
No one told me that baby boys and baby girls pregnancies are WAY too different. No one told me that the morning sickness can start whenever the baby boy feels like to, even if is at the second trimester when you suppose to be feeling all fine and dandy. No one told me that when the doctor said "Not Hanky-Panky with Daddy" until further notice because you need to bed rest, is when you want to "Hanky-Panky" with Daddy. No one told me that bed rest is a pain in the butt, and watching TV all day can make you feel cranky. 

No one told me that I'll start swelling for not apparent reason and look like Big Hero 6. 

No one told me that I'll be extra emotional and the thought of having to leave my girl for few days due to the baby's arrival make me crack into tears of desperation - without warning. No one told me that even looking at my girl's face will brought the thought of having to leave her for few days due to the baby's arrival and make me crack into tears of desperation - without warning ALL OVER AGAIN.

And the Oh-so-expected-day arrives and when you thought that the emotional roll-coaster was over... It start again with a different and strong twist. No one told me that all the pain will disappear as soon as I locked eyes into my Tiny Human. 

No one told me that the sound of his cry is the most magical thing in the world. No one told me nor warned me of the overwhelming feeling that consumed me the first time that my girl holded her new Tiny Brother in her arms. 


No one told me that I'll fall in love all over again with my family. No one told me that a proud and protective Big Sister is the most beautiful thing.

No one told me that I will be able to love her more - if that was even possible. No one told me that from being a Project Manager and a Mama of 1, I will became a comfy bed...

No one told me that I will develop a "fetish" for Tiny Human's feet.

No one told me that such a Tiny thing could be so darn funny.

No one told me that when he sleeps, I want to silence the world outside.

No one told me that when he cries I feel like dying inside and will do anything to stop his discomfort.

No one told me that those eyes will melt all my insides.

No one told me that his personality will be so much like mine.

No one told me that with only one hour of sleep I will survive the day. No one told me that all my years of experience as a Project Manager will be used to manage my Tiny Human. No one told me that an elaborated schedule needs to be establish with intervals of 3 hours per breastfeeding. No one told me that after each feeding I could eat an elephant (didn't happen before). No one told me that the Tiny Human can stay awake for so long, that only few minutes of sleep while eating or burping are enough. 

 No one told me that he will be so handsome and adorable.

And no one told me that I'll become Sting-Every-Breath-You-Take's Psycho... (This is one of the most misinterpreted songs ever. It is about an obsessive stalker, even it sounds like a love song.) I was already a Neurotic Mom, but no one told me that I'll become a whole new (higher) level of neurotic.

Every breath you take and every move you make
Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you
Every single day and every word you say
Every game you play, every night you stay, I'll be watching you

Enjoy your family, the Tiny Humans in your life, the little miracles that surrounds you. Be grateful for your sleepless nights, the dark circle under your eyes, the tiredness of your body. Time go too quickly and you'll missed all those things that no one told you about, but are the greatest of all. 



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My fave from Handmade Mania Week 50

It's been a little difficult to get back on track. The Tiny Human consumes all my time and it's hard to take few minutes to sit in front of the computer. I know we are only on week 6 and we'll soon able to manage our time better.
Today I wanted to share the fabulous blog of my exquisite friend Kelly from Kiser Krafts. She share every week handmade items from all us Handmade Shop Owners. We have the opportunity to see gorgeous items and share our own. Isn't that amazing?   

This week the Handmade Mania Week 50 provide us with a variety of items and so far here are my favorites:

Suzy from Kiser Krafts

and this fabulous tote bag from Bally and Lis

You can visit Kelly's Blog and pick your favorites from Handmade Mania Week 50. Let us know which are your favorites.

Enjoy your week!