Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My fave from Handmade Mania Week 50

It's been a little difficult to get back on track. The Tiny Human consumes all my time and it's hard to take few minutes to sit in front of the computer. I know we are only on week 6 and we'll soon able to manage our time better.
Today I wanted to share the fabulous blog of my exquisite friend Kelly from Kiser Krafts. She share every week handmade items from all us Handmade Shop Owners. We have the opportunity to see gorgeous items and share our own. Isn't that amazing?   

This week the Handmade Mania Week 50 provide us with a variety of items and so far here are my favorites:

Suzy from Kiser Krafts

and this fabulous tote bag from Bally and Lis

You can visit Kelly's Blog and pick your favorites from Handmade Mania Week 50. Let us know which are your favorites.

Enjoy your week!


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