Monday, February 2, 2015

February of big changes!

I'm a true believer that changes are good and you need to embrace them. Always knowing that everything will work in your benefit. 

As you all know, I opened the Pelhuaz Store at a free platform called Storenvy in 2013. Storenvy was a community where you can either get items, open your own store, or create your brand - for free. 

For those of you active in the Handmade Community, had heard of the recent changes made by Storenvy, hitting Pelhuaz business hard. From a new payment processor partner that doesn't have the infrastructure to manage an US Territory - such as Puerto Rico, to removing stores that aren't using such partner from the marketplace - meaning that the store/product are not searchable. 

Every business needs to growth and follow their own path to success, and I'm sure that Storenvy had taken the path they considered the best. I'm truly graceful with all I have been able to achieve using their platform. My best regards and hope this venture bring them the success and rewards they are looking for.   

After a long consideration, research, asking for advise, and countless nightmares, I decided that it's time to take my business to the next level, following my own path, as well. I realized the importance of taking care of Pelhuaz and considering working for me and my community. It's gonna be lots of work... But will be very rewarding... 

It's being a bumpy ride, but I had managed to achieve most of my goals, and now Pelhuaz by Red will soon to be Pelhuaz with my own domain. (YAY!)
The main idea is to centralized all the efforts, to a single place, creating a functional website just for you. 
Blog, Store, Friends, Features will be all in one place. "

I shared my concerns with my community and received the support needed to start. Thanks to my Exquisite Friend Tessa (owner of KRMBAL), I was able to have an updated logo that will cover all of Pelhuaz' needs. Our new brand image will be modern and clean with an easy to navigate site. No issues, no down time, no complications... Only a great experience!

What's next?
  • Creation of a new website
  • Complete make-over of Pelhuaz Blog
  • New friends to be featured
  • and an AWESOME new look...
Ready for your first sneak peek? Here it is!

Hope you are as excited as I am to see the final results!

Enjoy your week.