Monday, July 4, 2016

#thePerfectMonday Week 14

An overwhelming feeling kind of week but I survived!

Our week was full of fun moments, rain, and fun. It rained A LOT! But we managed to enjoy our inside time, while dogs and cats where falling from the sky. 

Today, I'm hoping for sun, BBQ, and pool time. Happy 4th of July!

Now, here are my achievements for the week: 

From Pelhuaz

1.  Let me begins for telling you (once again) that I have the best supporting group ever. This beautiful image, was shared by one of my dearest friend, after she receive this surprise on her card swap #happyMail. I wanted to say Thank you to all those friend out there that know the struggle of running an online business and share the love and support each other. <3  

2. Pelhuaz will be participating in this Local Event, that will take place on July 17 near out home. I'm preparing for such event, as it suppose to be a big one! We'll see!


3. I made this pretties, for my setting decoration. As soon as I do staging, I'll share how they look. Here's is the link from where I got the idea from. 

From My Homeschooling Project

1. Family is the most important thing. I love summer time because the kids have the opportunity to play all day with their cousins. They spend most of the Summer with us. I love those happy faces! 

2. As you know by now, we live in a small Rain Forest that I love. I try to grow things, but I only have luck with the wild ones. I have this weird type of wild orchid at home, not sure the name in English, but my Aunty call it "Zapatitos" (Tiny Shoes). This orchids bloom just for a day, and does it every other month. Usually orchids bloom once a year. (Bees love them)

3. I found a fancy blog that provides ideas for doing fun stuff for the kids. I was able to make these windsocks for them, and they loved using it with the wind outside. Here's the link in case you want to make this beautiful Handmade Windsocks for your kiddos... 

 4. When rains strikes... Nothing better that a good peak-a-boo time!

That's it my friend. I wish you a fabulous week, full of great moments!

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