Monday, July 11, 2016

#thePerfectMonday by Pelhuaz Week 15

This week was all about the blog. 

The weekend was a little complicated, as the Girl caught a stomach flu and you know how that goes... Beside that, lots of rain, cold weather, and cuddles. So here are the achievements of the week, because we need to be accountable of our efforts, and accomplishments! Hello Week 15!

1. This week I dedicated time to the blog -as you can see. I wanted to give it an unique look but within the brand spectrum. I think I made it. Last week banner was hideous and I hated it, but I'm liking this golden thingy... Looks clean and modern, at the least that the way I think it feels. What do you think? You like it? Ohh, and I even added a cute signature!

2. New banners for the weekly posts... Yes... Again! If I don't "feel it" I won't leave it alone... And I'm feeling this one! Stay tune, as you will see the awesome new banners on Thursday #handmadeFavorites post. Here's a peak!

3. My handmade community it's very important to me, and I'll do everything I can to support them in return. After reviewing the blogs statistics, I discovered that I'm not doing too bad... Not bad at all. I decided to add them on the blog to share the love with my blog's visitors. Friends like Kiser Krafts, QtsyLife, and Team Neville, among few others are now part  of Pelhuaz Blog as My Crafty Friends. Take a look at our side banner, to discover all our friends and their amazing handmade businesses. 

4. I've being preparing everything for Sunday's event. I tried to staged the table but Tiny wanted to use the Table Cover as a cape. Not a good idea. But I did identified and packed all the inventory that I will take with me to the event.

5. I received a fabulous happy birthday #happymail surprise from my Beautiful Friend Kelly. She put so much love to it, that I still feel it. I loved the purse she made just for me (I have a one of a kind Kiser Kraft Designer Purse), and have been using it since I received it! Her daughter also spoiled me with the most amazing necklace that even have (what I think it's) a USS Enterprise. I'll sure use it on Friday, when I go to the movies to see it!

1. I started making the official documentation for our next School Year and the 5th Grade Binder. Still few weeks to go, but I prefer starting early as my time it's managed by a Tiny Cute Human that most of the time is uncooperative and demanding. 

2. Our color selection for 4th Grade was Green and Yellow, this homeschool year we decided for Rainbow. I'm now in the process of creating templates and forms that I soon will be sharing with you. 

3. The girl started a two weeks Summer Music Camp. She was excited and scared at the same time - you can tell by her face. She wasn't that into it at the beginning, due to the kids weren't following instructions (she's a very organized and methodic girl), and they weren't doing much. But she got the hang to it, and started enjoying her time with new songs and dancing. On Friday they will have a presentation for the parents as the closure of the camp. 

4.Tiny and I went to visit Grandma and Titi, and he was exploring all his surroundings. We might have a Singer or an Electrical Engineer here... 

That's it. I hope your week is awesome, and you have a fabulous time.


  1. Looking GREAT! And I tend to constantly fiddle with graphics too. Keep playing until you're in love :D

    1. I can't help myself... But I'm liking this style. Wait until you see the image I made for your blog! Eek! <3

  2. I definitely love the way your blog is looking! I feel like I'm always changing the look of stuff too. But I think I am happy with how everything is looking on my end too, so I think it might just stay that way a while! ;)

    1. I'm feeling this one! So I'm with you girl!