Monday, July 25, 2016

The #perfectMonday by Pelhuaz Week 17

How about another awesome week in the making? Here are my achievements of last week. I was able to do a lot!!!!!

1. With the revenue acquired from the sales at last week event, I was able to buy materials to create pretty things. 

3. And due to that, new pretties are available now at Pelhuaz Necklace Collection!

3. Pelhuaz will be part of a fabulous Envyversary Event to help celebrate the two year anniversary of our friends at The Craft Penguin. As part of the celebration, they are having a Multi-Vendor giveaway that we are part of!! There will be 7 wonderful prizes from 7 wonderful shops, and 7 lucky winners! Ohh yeah!

Take a look at the prizes:

    If you want to know how to participate for the chance to win visit The Craft Penguin Blog, or follow their Event.

    1. The Homeschooling Room is looking fabulous. Little by little, I have being adding pieces that are making it looking great. I added a "Welcome to 5th Grade" Banner, colorful calendars and our new "Look what I did this week" display - made of bamboo sticks. I also incorporate the windsocks I made for the decoration at the latest Pelhuaz' event, and they really look very nice. Take a look!

    2. Forms, schedulers, binders, documents, and our Weekly Lesson Plans are being finished.

    3. And some more picks from our week...

    How about your achievements? Hope you had great ones! Here for another awesome new week. This is a perfectMonday! 

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