Monday, July 18, 2016

#thePerfectMonday by Pelhuaz Week 16

This week was all about prepin for yesterday's event. 

The Girl is feeling so much better from the stomach flu, but now was Tiny's turn. He just got a little fever and running nose, so it wasn't that complicated. We participate of an event and we had lot's of fun. 

So here are the achievements of the week, because we need to be accountable of our efforts, and accomplishments! Hello Week 16!

1. I need to let you know about this big achievement, as we were part of a local event at Aguas Buenas, a town near my house. The event was fabulous. Lot's of foot traffic and people stopping by. I made tons of sales, and Pelhuaz Fun Bags were part of them. I'll be asking soon for more biz cards from my Crafty Friends. 

The trick was to bring just affordable items (3 x $5, $5 & $10) easy to sell and move. That was the best idea, ever. The setting looked nice, and the location was perfect. Pelhuaz was the first table, and everyone had to passed in front of my table to get in or out the Festival. I really enjoyed my Sunday!

2. I made all the decoration. The banner, the flowers, the windsocks, the garland, the art print, and the Kiosk Type continuous presentation - that was running in the Surface. Not sure if you can notice it, but there's my "I make pretty things" image, and it really did the trick. If you are interested in a copy (.pdf) send me an email, and I'll be glad to send it over. 

3. I have a partner in crime that is always there for me. She's a good friend that makes so many beautiful things for the Little Princesses. Marie, is the owner of Little Things by Marie, and I'm in love with her creations. To take a look the pretties that she offers, visit her Facebook Page or IG.


1. I'm still working with the documents for our homeschooling 2016-2017 year. I looked for calendars and schedulers and came up with a cute design.

2. Don't forget that this year color theme is Rainbow! 

3. The Camp Closing Event was fabulous and the girl loved performing with her flute. You can tell by that face that she was so happy. They gave her a certificate, that she felt very proud of receiving.

3. Also Tiny had his camera moments... (yes, he's wearing Daddy's shoes)

That's it. I hope your week is awesome, and you have a fabulous time.

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