Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pelhuaz was nominated to the Liebster Award

So my Fabulous and Exquisite Friend Tessa from KRMBAL nominate Pelhuaz Blog for the Liebster Award. I'm so honored that she thought about me that I'm trying to do the Happy Dance. Yes, just trying as my current figure doesn't allowed me to move that much. I'm all belly and no middle section! 

So how does this work? Easy... With the Liebster Award, I nominates 11 blogs who have less than 200 readers. The Bloggers answer 11 questions given to them by their nominator. In this case, I'll be answering KRMBAL 11 question. Then, I'll pay it forward and nominates 11 bloggers with my own 11 questions. I'll do this in a separated post. Pretty simple, right? Is a fun way for you to learn a little more about me, and to met few other fabulous bloggers.

Here are the questions sent by Tessa with my answers:

1. What was your favorite toy as a child?
I loved a cute tree house that my Mama got me when I was a little girl. Not sure how to describe it, but I did find a image of it. I had this exact one...

2. What’s your favorite thing to make? Share a pic with us!
As a shop owner, I love creating jewelry -specially bracelets. Recently I found very rewarding making charm bracelets with a meaning. For example I made few bracelet for Mother's Day that had a story. Here's an example of a bracelet for a New Mama, she likes cocktails, adore her husband, is in love with her life, and her new baby.  

As a Mom, I just love spending time with my little princess and making plans for the arrival of Jorge Sebastian. I adore her and she's the reason why I wake up every morning with a smile in my face.

3. Everyone’s got a little bit of nerd in them, so what’s your area of nerviness?
Guilty! I'm a fan of Comic-Cons, and I need to admit that I even have the complete Uhura's Star Trek outfit. :D  
4. If you were selected to be part of a new colony on Mars, what would you take with you that you couldn’t replace with a Martian item?
My family -I don't have anything against "green people", but I couldn't live without them. If you asked me for a material thing, should be my Tablet Surface with unlimited internet access. If we are making a colony in Mars, we should have technology advanced enough to supply such service. I don't want to loose contact with my Earthling Friends.  
5. What would be your expertise in the new Martian colony?
Project Management and Protocols Development & Implementation.
6. What’s your favorite eco tip?
The one that I constantly use is to recycle boxes for shipping and paper rolls for crafty projects with my girl.
7. Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?
Disney. I have to admit that I'm a Disney Super Fan, specially all the Villains! Last time we went there, we had such a great time. The Girl was so amazed and excited to meet the Princesses, that when we went to take lunch with them, she couldn't believe it!
At the Princesses' Castle on our way to have lunch with the Princess
She could't believe that all the Princesses where there!
And Mickey!

8. What’s your favorite smell?
9. If you could switch with someone for a day, Freaky Friday style, who would it be?
Ohhhh, this is though one. I have to say that will be a 25 years old me. I had a great time with great friends that I hang out with. Less responsibilities, less worries. However, I love my life now, so I probably think about it before doing it! 
10. Pirates, Ninjas or Zombies?
Pirates... Arggggggg!
11. And of course… What’s your very favorite t-shirt?
The Buddha Shirt from KRMBAL. :D

It's been a real fun post to make. I'll be posting the 11 nominee in a post real soon! Tessa, thank you so much for thinking about me for this fun nomination!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pelhuaz Exquisite Friend of the Week: Little Green Guy

I met Brittany thru one of the Handmade Community pages that I participate in, and she's one of the friendliest persons I know. She has so many talents that you will be amazed. She paints (beautifully), she makes sculptures, she makes fluffy cyclops, she's also a children's book writer, and much more. She even motivates others to stay in shape, Isn't she amazing? I adore her and her happy soul! <3

So here is my Exquisite Friend Brittany!

Pelhuaz: What's your name?
Brittany: Brittany
Pelhuaz: What's your superpower?  
Brittany: Talking to animals.

Pelhuaz: Who do you consider your sidekick and why?
Brittany: My friend Tara of Fuzzy Toes, I can ramble the most random non-sensical idea and whether she understands it or not she is super supportive and doesn't say I am crazy ;) Well not to my face anyway.
Pelhuaz: If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?
Brittany: Paints, sketchbook, hmmmm my kindle? Do I get WIFI there ;)
Pelhuaz: What do you think about when you are alone in your car? 
Brittany: Oh man, so many things! I like to write while I am in the car, not on paper (I'd puke, yummy right? Well I guess and crash my car) But I voice record lines for my next childrens book. I plan out my never ending "to-do" list, and try to ignore what a mess I know my house will be whenever I return ;)

Pelhuaz: What was the last movie you went to see?
Brittany: Went to see? I have small children so this is rare and I can't remember!
Pelhuaz: Tell us about your Small Business…  Describe your store and products?
Brittany: I own Little Green Guy, I create fun illustrations, plush toys, sculptures and childrens books all featuring the Little Green Guy and his friends! Little Green Guy is an adorable mischievous little green monster with one big eye and a cute little green but!

Pelhuaz: What is your favorite item available at your store? 
Brittany: The Basic LGG plush

Pelhuaz: What motivates/inspires you?
Brittany: Everything inspires me, my children, nature, coffee ;) As far as motivation I like to push myself hard and push myself as far as I can go.
Pelhuaz: How much time off do you get/take in a week?
Brittany: What IS time off? I have taken some time off recently, abotu 2 weeks, best decision I could have made I needed a brain and body break.
Pelhuaz: When is your Store Anniversary? 
Brittany: Nov 11


Pelhuaz: Imagine that I’m planning to open Pelhuaz, and I don’t know a thing about managing a Small Business, what will be your best advice?
Brittany: Follow your heart, do what makes you happy, set tiny goals and celebrate when you reach them, never loose sight of time with your family. And a lesson I have learned after I spent about 3 months off and on crazy sick, take care of YOU. Healthy eating, exercise, get those in check first, no matter how big your to-do list is, it can wait while you squeeze in that 20 minute exercise and plan your meals for the week. It may seem like a burden but YOU are your business, if you get sick, then there is no business. Be healthy, Be happy, and go Create <3

I have to say that I love every single thing about this interview and the great advice provided... You are your business... If you are a Small Business Owner -as we are, you will find the truth on it!

As I'm in love with the LGG and their cute little green butt :D, I visited her shop to pick my favorites:

Last Christmas, I took advantage of a listing and made a special order for my girl and for me of these ABC Sculpture. Z and orange for me and K with purple and pink and pink for her. 

I love this guys and they are part of my living room decoration.

How about this fluffy Mini LGG Plush? So adorable!

I couldn't decide of which of just one of her fabulous prints from her 5x7 Print Collection. But who doesn't feel like this LGG thinking "it's morning again"? I do!

Brittany and the Little Green Guy can be found at Facebook, Storenvy, Etsy and her fabulous blogIf you want to know more about her just click at the links and have some fun looking at all her products!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Exquisite Brittany and her Shop!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day & A quick view of Pelhuaz Exquisite Friends (Part 1)

A Nation is defined by its people and the ability to keep them save. We own so much to those who gave their lives to protect us. My love and support to their families.

Today I would also like to share a little something with all of you. Pelhuaz Blog was born as a crazy idea of mine, as I don't know a thing about blogging. I do know about talking a lot as I'm very opinionated! :D Ask my previous bosses...

The success of this blog in the short amount of time that has being up, is in great deal due to the amazing crafty friends that I have. The Pelhuaz Exquisite Friends is a elite of fabulous shops that offer so amazing products, that today I decided to honor them and show you one of my favorite items from each shop. 

This week we have KRMBALViolet's BudsCherishedUnique Creations by TracyAdore by Nat, and The Little Green Guy. I'll get to each one of them, but I did't want to make the post too long. Please visit them and let me know which is your favorite.


Indie clothing brand dedicated to eco-friendly and eco-conscious choices.

Shop Indie T's

Violet's Buds

Handmade accessories for you & your little flower! 

For the Love of Coffee Hoop


Homemade jewelry and sometimes other things like barrettes and magnets.

Robin Nest

Unique Creations by Tracy

Hippo Basket

Adore by Nat

Offers handmade party decorations and stationery. 

Princess Door Sign

The Little Green Guy


The Exquisite Friend of this Week will be one of these amazing stores. Don't missed it! I hope that you have a week full of great things and happy moments. Remember to Support the Small Business. Behind every Small Business, there’s a story worth knowing. When you buy from them, you are becoming part of their supporting group. Shop Indie. Shop Handmade.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Random Thoughts... No one knows...

I like writing a lot. I do it as a therapy. Most of the time are romantic stories inspired in Vampires and Werewolf. In that way I can inflict pain to those who harm me without consequences :D Just kidding (well... not really!) Others, I just start writing what is on my mind and the feelings I'm experiencing in the moment. Those thoughts are transcript in Spanish -as is my first language. 

Today, I would like to share one extract of a story with you. I'm gonna post it in Spanish and try my best to translate it, without loosing the feeling. I wasn't always a happy person. Back in my 20's, I suffered a lot from a toxic relationship I was in, and my way of healing from such an awful breakup was thru writing. Was the kind of break ups when you end up without a place to go and need to go back running to your family ashamed of your failures. Today, I'm graceful for that experience as it made me strong and worth-it of the happiness I'm living today. I'm a strong believer of cause and effect. If I haven't learned that lesson back then, my life today wouldn't be as fabulous as it is! So, I'm graceful for all the pain, the heartache, the betrayal... :D Yes I am!

This extract is from a story called "El diario de Sabrina" (Sabrina's Diary). This is a compilation of events that Sabrina lived and how she manage to survive. One night Sabrina was wondering what is love and how difficult is to have feeling for someone...

Two Sides: Trusting Through Despaiimage from:

Nadie sabe lo que el deseo puede provocar, solo el que lo vive en carne propia. El que sin tenerle cerca, siente su aroma donde quiera que se encuentre. Nadie entiende la humillación de la carne, solo el que desea la piel que no puede tener. El que deja escapar un suspiro en su cercanía. Nadie reconoce lo doloroso del rechazo, solo el que se arrastra por los suelos suplicando un poco de atención. El que haría lo imposible, por migajas de amor. Nadie acepta el significado de otro adiós, solo el que se da por vencido y decide detenerse. El que no tiene ganas de luchar, el que lo ha perdido todo, e interesa volver a caminar. Nadie puede precisar lo que son noches pesadas ni nubladas, solo el que las sufre en silencio. El que piensa y haría lo imposible por llegar cada noche a su lado. Nadie entiende lo que son los gritos del silencio, solo el que se resiste a escucharlo. El que se va y regresa de su sueño, pensando en su piel. Nadie reconoce la sinceridad del frío, ni lo que es vivir a solas, solo el que lame sus heridas a escondidas. El que anhela un cariño ajeno, el que envidia, el que quiere. Nadie acepta el dolor, solo el que se tira a la perdición por su propia voluntad. Nadie puede precisar lo que son las mentiras, un corazón roto y un rostro mojado, solo el que se encapricha en un imposible. El que le ve pasar por su lado –de la mano de otro amor y se siente morir en su interior. El que a la perfección puede describir en detalle su cuerpo, su mirada, su sonrisa, su aroma y su piel –sin haberle tenido. Que en silencio le ha estudiado. Que le bastaría un segundo de su tiempo. El que cree conocerle de siglos. Ese que antes de ser masa, ante de tener memoria, antes de todo, antes… Le conoce. Que le piensa, sin ninguna razón. Sin saber cuándo todo comenzó, como una revelación. Y sin saberlo, el que intenta entenderlo todo en su presencia, creyéndose estallar. El que no necesita excusa. Que con una sola mirada; habla, acaricia, besa e invita. El que quisiera palpar el silencio y soplar el viento. El que cree ser normal. Que de ser necesario, hablaría en otro idioma para ser entendido y gritaría a los cuatro vientos su sentir, sin importarle el qué dirán. El que canta, recita, danza, imagina; solo por una noche entre sus brazos. Aquel que no permitirá que el dolor, quebrante sus planes. El que no sentiría celos, aun descubriéndole en brazos de otro amor. El que está seguro, de que su momento llegará. El que se ha hecho amigo del tiempo y quien será su mejor aliado. El que ve un mundo de Hadas frente a un ataúd. El que se embriaga en las noches para no soñarle, sin éxito aparente porque su recuerdo mora en su memoria. El que no ve el final de algo tan bello, sin haber dado inicio. Que no desea romper la ilusión que está en sus manos. El que ve desaparecer las tardes de sol y las ve llegar en noches de agua salada, por sus lágrimas. El que tira la soga de su propio cuello. Que sabe que la vida como viene, se va. El que piensa que nadie detiene el amor en un lugar. Que sobre la madrugada y su calma, no dice nada.  

Translation: No one knows what desire provokes, only those who lives it in their own flesh and bones. Who without having him around, recognizes his scent. No one understands the humiliation of the flesh, only those who wants the one that cannot have. No one recognizes how painful rejection is, only those who crawls on the floor begging for some attention. Who would do anything for crumbs of love. No one understands the meaning of another goodbye, only those who give up and decides to let it go away. Who has no desire to fight, those who lost everything, and tried to walk again. No one can define what are heavy or cloudy nights, only those who suffer in silence. The ones that would do anything to have one more night beside him. No one understands what the night screams, only those who refuses to listen. Who comes and goes from their sleeps, thinking only of his warm skin. No one recognizes the sincerity of the cold, or what living alone really means, only those who lick her wounds in silence. No one knows how to accept the pain, only those who push themselves to destruction –without any help. No one can pinpoint what lies are, or a broken heart, or a soaking face, only those who daydream with the impossible. Whoever sees him passed by her side with another love, and die inside. Only those who can perfectly describe his body, his eyes, his smile, his scent and skin - without being hers. The one who in silence has studied him. That would only take a second to recognize him, perfectly. The one that knows him from centuries ago. That before being mass, memory, and before... knows him. That needs no reason to think of him. Not knowing when it all began, as a revelation. And unknowingly trying to understands everything in his presence, while feeling exploding inside. The one that does not need an excuse. That with a single glance; she talks, caresses, kisses and invites. Those who feel the silence in the wind blowing. Those who feel “normal”. That if necessary, will speaks in another language to be understood and shout from the rooftops their feelings, no matter what people said. Sings, recites, dances, imagines; only for one night in his arms. Those who does not allow the pain to breaks their plans. Those who are not jealous, even when their love is in the arms of someone else. Those who are sure, that the moment is near. Those who knows that time is their best ally. Those who sees fairies over coffins. Those who gets drunk at night to not dream of him, without luck -because he lives in you. Those who does not see the end of something so beautiful, even without being initiated. Those that do not want to break the illusion that is only in only in their head. Those who tense the rope on their own neck. Who knows that life as it comes... goes. Those who knows that nobody holds the love in one place. That on the morning, the tranquility says nothing

Is a shame that I'm not that good of a translator, but I hope it doesn't lost the feeling of what I tried to expressed back then. Those were difficult moments, but I learned that everything happens for a reason... Today I'm living that "reason".

I wish you are happy and your life is full of joy. If for some reason you are experiencing a difficult moment, just be assure that everything goes away and you will only keep the memories and the lesson learned!