Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Little Piece of Heaven

Is another Monday and we need to start our week full of energy and happy thoughts. Don't get me wrong... I'm not a Monday nor morning person, but I realized that the rest of your day depends COMPLETELY on the mood you are in! 

Few years ago, I decided to start my mornings in a happy mood (even if I don't feel that enthusiastic), as I have so much to be grateful about. My beautiful family, love, the baby that is growing by the day inside my belly, the health that we all share, and our little piece of heaven, that we call home.

I know I constantly mention our Little Rain Forest, but I haven't show it to you yet. Today, I decided to give an executive tour at our yard -doggies included!

My house is located in a rural area. We don't have immediate neighbors, so is a quiet place full of green, nature and peace.

We have a huge tree in a side of our house. He thinks that he live in the states, as every Winter period, he loose all his leaves. He's now in the full Spring mode. Soon will be all fluffy again.

These two fellas are the lucky ones who gets to play all day outside. I really love those two. The best dogs in the world!

This is part of our front yard. 


I only have wild (very wild) orquids.

Here our backyard view.

Well, there you have it. My little piece of heaven. The temperature is always nice, due to the abundant trees and bamboos. I just hope that doesn't matter where your home is, is full with love, peace and tranquility. 

Don't missed this week Pelhuaz' Exquisite Friend of the Week. You'll fell in love with her items. 

Enjoy your week!

Un beso,

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