Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pelhuaz was nominated to the Liebster Award

So my Fabulous and Exquisite Friend Tessa from KRMBAL nominate Pelhuaz Blog for the Liebster Award. I'm so honored that she thought about me that I'm trying to do the Happy Dance. Yes, just trying as my current figure doesn't allowed me to move that much. I'm all belly and no middle section! 

So how does this work? Easy... With the Liebster Award, I nominates 11 blogs who have less than 200 readers. The Bloggers answer 11 questions given to them by their nominator. In this case, I'll be answering KRMBAL 11 question. Then, I'll pay it forward and nominates 11 bloggers with my own 11 questions. I'll do this in a separated post. Pretty simple, right? Is a fun way for you to learn a little more about me, and to met few other fabulous bloggers.

Here are the questions sent by Tessa with my answers:

1. What was your favorite toy as a child?
I loved a cute tree house that my Mama got me when I was a little girl. Not sure how to describe it, but I did find a image of it. I had this exact one...

2. What’s your favorite thing to make? Share a pic with us!
As a shop owner, I love creating jewelry -specially bracelets. Recently I found very rewarding making charm bracelets with a meaning. For example I made few bracelet for Mother's Day that had a story. Here's an example of a bracelet for a New Mama, she likes cocktails, adore her husband, is in love with her life, and her new baby.  

As a Mom, I just love spending time with my little princess and making plans for the arrival of Jorge Sebastian. I adore her and she's the reason why I wake up every morning with a smile in my face.

3. Everyone’s got a little bit of nerd in them, so what’s your area of nerviness?
Guilty! I'm a fan of Comic-Cons, and I need to admit that I even have the complete Uhura's Star Trek outfit. :D  
4. If you were selected to be part of a new colony on Mars, what would you take with you that you couldn’t replace with a Martian item?
My family -I don't have anything against "green people", but I couldn't live without them. If you asked me for a material thing, should be my Tablet Surface with unlimited internet access. If we are making a colony in Mars, we should have technology advanced enough to supply such service. I don't want to loose contact with my Earthling Friends.  
5. What would be your expertise in the new Martian colony?
Project Management and Protocols Development & Implementation.
6. What’s your favorite eco tip?
The one that I constantly use is to recycle boxes for shipping and paper rolls for crafty projects with my girl.
7. Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?
Disney. I have to admit that I'm a Disney Super Fan, specially all the Villains! Last time we went there, we had such a great time. The Girl was so amazed and excited to meet the Princesses, that when we went to take lunch with them, she couldn't believe it!
At the Princesses' Castle on our way to have lunch with the Princess
She could't believe that all the Princesses where there!
And Mickey!

8. What’s your favorite smell?
9. If you could switch with someone for a day, Freaky Friday style, who would it be?
Ohhhh, this is though one. I have to say that will be a 25 years old me. I had a great time with great friends that I hang out with. Less responsibilities, less worries. However, I love my life now, so I probably think about it before doing it! 
10. Pirates, Ninjas or Zombies?
Pirates... Arggggggg!
11. And of course… What’s your very favorite t-shirt?
The Buddha Shirt from KRMBAL. :D

It's been a real fun post to make. I'll be posting the 11 nominee in a post real soon! Tessa, thank you so much for thinking about me for this fun nomination!


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