Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Week!

Yes, it's that time in the year when I celebrate my life... My happiness... My achievements... My family! On Wednesday, June 11 is my birthday and how awesome thing is that I have so much to celebrate. 

I have to be honest with all of you, it's being a thought ride. I've cried, I've scream my lungs out, I've felt like giving up... But I didn't! And due to that, I found my true happiness next to an amazing man that loves me and had gave me everything than any gal had dreamt about... A Loving Family. 


We might not be wealthy, but in our fridge there's always something to eat, our cars has gas to move around, and when something get broken, we managed to get it fixed. 

So I want to celebrate not only my birthday, but also the power and confidence that I have to say "I'm happy"!

Enjoy your Monday... Enjoy your week... and Let's get this thing going!

Sending my love your way!


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