Saturday, June 7, 2014

A quick view of Pelhuaz Exquisite Friends (Part 2)

Few weeks ago I presented few of Pelhuaz Exquisite Friends. Today I'll show you a few more. As mentioned before, Pelhuaz Blog was born as a crazy idea of mine, and it success is in great deal due to the amazing crafty friends that I have made in the process. 

The Pelhuaz Exquisite Friends is a elite of fabulous shops that offer so amazing products, that today I'll continue with my list.

This week we have Kiser Krafts, Imagineif, Crafteroni and Cheese, J by G and Little House of Crafting. I'll get to each one of them, but I did't want to make the post too long. Please visit them and let me know which is your favorite.

Kiser Krafts

Sock Stuff Animals and Monsters, and home decoration.

Penny Pet Bunnies


Safe, natural, open ended toys

Eco Friendly Wood Toys

Crafteroni and Cheese

Amigurumi and Eclectic Products

Crochet Toys

J by G

Handmade polymer clay figurine creatures.

The Wezens

Little House of Crafting

Handmade pinback buttons, magnets and perlers. 

Custom Pins

I hope that you have a week full of great things and happy moments. Remember to Support the Small Business. Behind every Small Business, there’s a story worth knowing. When you buy from them, you are becoming part of their supporting group. Shop Indie. Shop Handmade.


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  1. Aww...thanks! I think you are wonderful too! Thank you for sharing my Iris Bunny. ♥