Monday, June 27, 2016

#thePerfectMonday Week 13

What a fabulous week! 

For those of you that follow me in FB or IG, known that we had a fun weekend planned to celebrate our Girl's Birthday. We rented an apartment in front of the beach and were all packed. Well, that went south when the beaches around the area were all red flagged. 

However, we had the opportunity to make a sudden change, and everything was fixed!

Now, here are my achievements for the week: 

From Pelhuaz

1.  I was able to create images to identify the two achievements areas of this post. I think they look pretty awesome. 

2. Images for the link-ups, and different blogs featured at #handmadeFavorites were created, as well.

3. Our community at Storenvy is pretty awesome, and we have a running Biz-Card Swap that help us promote each other, while we offer our customers options to support the Handmade Business. I created a fun image for my goodie bags.

4. Today it's #happyMail day.  

From My Homeschooling Project

1. I created a new logo for our Homeschool. We named it Bamboo Learning Center, because we live in the middle of a Bamboo Area.

2. As mentioned before, we had a good weekend and the best part was that the Girl enjoyed it to the fullest!

3. Here, enjoy Tiny in the Power Wheel that his sister used, and now is for him to play around. And yes, he almost run me over...  

That's it my friend. I wish you a fabulous week full of great moments!


  1. I love that you named your home school!

    1. My Girl decided to the name, due to our surroundings. I really loved it!

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  3. I love the biz card swap idea! The homeschool logo is so cute! And those baby toes!!! Too much cuteness! 😍

    1. If you want to participate in the card swap, just sent me your info at and I'll send you mine back. We were looking for logos and my first thought was a bamboo tree, but my girl said "Mama, pandas love bamboos. Can we have a panda?" I found that free jpeg and with my limited knowledge in Photoshop create the logo. Ohhh and those toes are my weakness! <3 Thank you so much for stopping by!