Monday, June 20, 2016

#thePerfectMonday Week 12

A new week, and this one is going to be awesome! Welcome to another  thePerfectMonday.

Yesterday was Father's day and our handsome Daddy received lots of love. The Girl made him a card, the Baby was all over him all day, and Mama made him a bracelet and a matching keychain, that he loved.

Hope your Father's Day was a wonderful one, and the Daddy in your life receive all the love that he deserves. 

So what's next? Let's talk about achievements!

From Pelhuaz:

1. This week was of #happyFeedback. All three customers shared they love, and made me very happy. I love when customers enjoy their happy mail. 

2. I also received happy mail from one of my suppliers. I'm starting to love how hexagons looks at my creations.

3.  Look at what I made. These new pretties are available now at Pelhuaz Store.

From My Homeschooling Project:

1. Books are reserved and I already made the class Schedule. It will be a fun and colorful year, as I'm planning so many fun activities. Also, this year Tiny will start with his Homeschool Training...  

2. This week my Baby Girl turn 9. Yes, she's turning into a young Lady. We have a huge surprise for her, as we got her a grown up Laptop. She have one, but it's one of those that are intended for small kids. This one is a whole new story. Will be so useful for her homeschooling, and - of course, for her Minecraft games. I'll share pics next week.

3. We also have plan a weekend get away, that she don't know about. We are going to stay by the beach, in a place where you can see the waterfront from the patio door. So much fun, awaits us. This also will be a try-out for Tiny, to see how he manage. If he behave, a trip to Disney might be on our near future... (Please behave!) 

Hope your week is full of happy moments. I'm sure ours... will be FUN!

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