Thursday, June 23, 2016

#handmadeFavorites by Pelhuaz Week 11

This one is coming out late and fresh out of the pot because I forgot to create it and schedule it. 

Yesterday was my Girl's birthday, so I have a good excuse. Although, I couldn't leave this like that, and needed to make the pertinent post for my Oh-So-Precious #handmadeFavorites. 

Let's do this! The #handmadeFavorites by Pelhuaz Week 11 is right here!

#HandmadeLove by Kiser Kraft Handmade

This blog it's one of my favorites. If you haven't look at it, you are missing the fun. My favorite from #HandmadeLove Week 41 is this:

Because at some point we all want to be a mermaid! Mermaid Scale Earrings (multiple colors) by Wilde Moon  


#PenguinLuv by The Craft Penguin

This is a weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop. Its goal is to help promote handmade biz and get items seen by new groups of people. Isn't that awesome? 

Because this weekend we are going to a Beach Mini Vacations and the hair fritz will be at it's highest point... My favorite from Penguin Luv Week 43 is this Beach Hair Don't Care by OhMyButterflies. 



We at Storenvy are super awesome, and we have our own link up. As a community of handmade crafters, we know how difficult it can be and for such reason we support each other.

My favorite for #storenvylinkups week 9 is #hollySmokes this Crochet Shark by The Craft Penguin



This site provides more like a share, than a link up. The items must be handmade in order to share them here. Each week they request a particular color or theme. 

This week theme is Yellow. My favorite for this week #OnFireForHandmade is this
Yellow Felted Slippers by FeltWoolSlippers



We, at Storenvy, have a fabulous community that share and support each other. We use all the available resources to promote and make our items visible. 

Here, this week fabulous Collections:  

The Blues by Teamneville 

Awesome stores like 

Wilde Design

Lu and Ed, and 

TeamNeville are featured. 

Infinite Blue by Cel Deco Nail

Awesome stores like 

Wilde Design

CelDecoNail, and 


Hope you enjoy all the items picked. I sure love handmade and my Handmade Community!

Well, there you have it... All awesome items... All my favorites!



  1. Awww, thank you for including me in your roundup for the week! <3

  2. As always, thanks for including my linkup!! And thanks for showing my shark some love this week too! :D