Thursday, June 2, 2016

#PelhuazHandmadeFavorites Week 7

So this is week #7, and we have a new look:

How do you like it?
We made a special appearance at Wilde Design Blog with an awesome mention as the Wilde Feature. Can I have a YAY?

Well, here are Pelhuaz Handmade favorite of the week.

#HandmadeLove by Kiser Kraft Handmade

This is one of my favorite blogs. Kelly is such a good friend that always is there to support all my craziness. #HandmadeLove is an awesome link up where handmade makers can share and show their fabulous items. 

This week we were featured twice with our Geometric Sweet Lilac Pendant at the Krazy Views, and our Geometric and Tassel Envy Green Bracelet at the Krazies Picks.

#PenguinLuv by The Craft Penguin

This is a weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop. Its goal is to help promote handmade biz and get items seen by new groups of people. Isn't that awesome? 

My favorite from Penguin Luv Week 40 is this Cute fairy phone plug charm by Celdeconail. 


Because we at Storenvy are super awesome. We have our own link up. This week we were featured with our Geometric Sweet Lilac Pendant again! Wujuuuu!

My favorite for #storenvylinkups week 6 is this FacePalm Short Sleeve T-Shirt by Broke Entrepreneur


This site provides more like a share, than a link up. The items must be handmade in order to share them here. Each week they request a particular color or theme. Last week was Electric Blue and our Shell and Blue Pendant made it to the Electric Handmade Finds

This week theme is Dads n Grads Here is my favorite for #OnFireForHandmade:

Hand tooled leather belt with Celtic ornament by Gemsplusleather 

#EarthLinkUp by Pinecone Grove

It's so sad to know that Pinecone Grove will no longer be hosting the biweekly #EarthLinkUp. New and awesome things are coming Pinecone Grove's way and I wish them all the best. They did shared the highlights from the last link-up. :D I was honor with a mention with our Tulip Druzy Pendant

Well, there you have it... All awesome items... All my favorites!


  1. Sad to hear about Pinecone Grove but happy to know they are coming out with some awesome stuff soon!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sometime changes are well needed for us to work things out! Most of us are a "One-Man-Band" kind of business, and life happens :D I'm sure Pinecone will come up with some great ideas and awesome new products. I love their shop! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have an awesome day!

  2. Love the blog, the look and the read. You do a great job.

  3. Love the blog, the look and the read. You do a great job.