Monday, June 13, 2016

#thePerfectMonday Week 11

Last week was great, and full of happy moments!

My birthday was last Saturday, even we celebrate it on Friday with a tasty dinner and a Movie. I wanted to see Warcraft, and I love it. I did found my new favorite:

I have a thing for bald and bad tempered guys! I told Hubby, that I'll start feeding-him-up... :D OMG what a great movie! I really loved it, even I TOTALLY disagree with the dead of few characters. 

For the Horde! 

I did kept waiting for the trolls to make their entrance, but also knew that they are not part of this story. My character is a troll, so you know... Can't blame a girl for wishing! 

And yes... I'm a boy troll, and I usually play late at night with my friend Martini! :D

So let's talk about achievements!

From Pelhuaz:

1. I had a sale last weekend to celebrate my birthday.  I worked very hard promoting it all week, and it worth the effort. I got few sales, and today it's #happyMail day!

2. I added a new tag line to the store that better suit my creative mind. How do you feel about "We are in the business of creating pretty and affordable jewelry"? With that in mind, I created few promo images. So far, this is my favorite. I have it as a background image on my desktop, my tablet, and cel.


3. We were featured twice, and I was like... WHAT? Thank you so much to Kiser Krafts Handmade for letting me be part of her amazing series of Saturday Spotlight. And it was on my birthday... 

Also, the thank you to the amazing Wilde Design Blog, that made us part of their Wilde Featured.

From My Homeschooling Project:

1. This week, I'm planning to start prepping for next school year. I need to reserve the Girl's books, and few other items. I already have an awesome agenda planner, and a class plan book. I'll start the binder process soon, which I'll share with you. At homeschool, you need to be well documented and have everything in order. As a project manager, that comes second-nature to me, and it's very easy to create forms, and binders, and documents. I'll share some more in the upcoming weeks.

2. I spend a fabulous time with the family, and hubby got me Digital Frame. I uploaded lots of pictures, and still need to upload more. Yay! It's such a great feeling to be able to see all those happy faces in a continuous slide show.

 3.  The week was as I expected... Just perfect!

Hoping for another fabulous week, and this will be #thePerfectMonday!

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