Thursday, July 31, 2014

Evangelina's Closet

Another Thursday bring us another Exquisite Friend of the Week. Today we'll have the opportunity to meet Nikki and her fabulous store named Evangelina's Closet. She creates unique jewelry and clothing that are fun to wear. 

Let's meet Nikki!

Pelhuaz: What's your name?       
Nikki: Nikki

Pelhuaz: If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?             
Nikki: My daughter, my jewelry making kit and a fully staffed five star hotel

Pelhuaz: If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?  
Nikki: I have takeout on speed dial- What would you like?

Pelhuaz: If you were a Star Trek® [or Star Wars®] character, which one would it be?             
Nikki: Princess Leia- Who wouldn't want to be a princess with a blaster?

Pelhuaz: What do you do when you are alone in your car?           
Nikki: I do the usual things; sing to myself, carry on a one sided conversation about what project I'm working on, remember all the things I forgot to bring with me, work on my lines for the latest community theater production I'm in....

Pelhuaz: What's your superpower?         
Nikki: Multitasking

Pelhuaz: Who do you consider your sidekick?     
Nikki: My Golden Retriever Luna

Women's Dinosaur Fashion Bracelet

Pelhuaz: What is your favorite item available at your store? Provide a pic link.     
Nikki: My favorites change all the time. Right now my new line of animal jewelry is a favorite this Women's Dinosaur Fashion Bracelet

Pelhuaz: What do you wish you had known before you started? 
Nikki: I wish I would have had a better handle on social media and networking. It is such a major part of owning a successful small business and I was totally clueless when I started out.

Pelhuaz: When did you open your Store (anniversary)?  
Nikki: 2/17/2012

Pelhuaz: What motivates/inspires you?  
Nikki: I'm inspired by things I see every day. If you're standing behind me in line at the grocery store and say something funny, you may see it on a t-shirt a week later. Or my daughter will ask me for a certain bracelet or shirt and it will turn into the latest design in my shop.

Pelhuaz: Imagine that I’m planning to open Pelhuaz, and I don’t know a thing about managing a Small Business, what will be your best advice?         
Nikki: Just get started. Period. Planning is great, planning is necessary. But you can only plan so much before you DO. If you aren't careful you'll plan your life away and never get to the doing portion of things. That's where the fun is.

Pelhuaz: What's the name of your Small Business?  
Nikki: Evangelina's Closet

Pelhuaz: Why did you decide to open it?
Nikki: I was suddenly an unemployed single parent. I had a heat press, a lot of geeky design ideas and a need to support my little family.

Nikki and Evangelina's Closet can be found in Facebook, IG and Tumblr. Visit her and let her know that Pelhuaz sent you. 

Hope your day is full of great moments. Enjoy!


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