Monday, August 4, 2014

Starting the SAHM Training

So is official,
I'm a SAHM! 

Well it started a little earlier, as I decided to stay home since July 15 - but those two weeks were the practice of what's coming! This month I need to get everything ready for Jorge Sebastian arrival and prepare the new routine for my Little Princess. Is the beginning of a new school year, and she needs to be in-sync with what will be her new routine. It's being 2 years of just us 3, as my older daughter is living with her dad, and now is another big change for us.

The Little Princess is very organize, and she establish her own routines to be "functional". I have at home a Little Monk. :D If by any chance her routine is changed, she feel lost. Due to that, I need to start working with her new routine. 

Here's an update of my belly.

I'm gonna be around approximately until the middle of the month or a little longer. After that, I'll start my Maternity Vacation Leave. I'll try to keep you all updated on the progress and the baby arrival, but will depend on my time available... That for sure will be limited. 


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