Monday, May 23, 2016

#thePerfectMonday Week 8

Another awesome Perfect Monday!

So this was a fabulous weekend, besides the two-day-headache that I had! So I did a lot for Pelhuaz this weekend, and of course time with the family, as well. 

Here my achievements from last week:

From Pelhuaz:

1. This new necklaces made of wood beads and baby friendly are so pretty. I made one for myself and Tiny approved!  

2. A very important custom order was completed. It was made for a friend that wanted to do something special for her son. The results were fabulous, and the dog-tags were extremely pretty! 

3. Ideas, ideas and more ideas for Fathers Day. The unconventional Dad inspired these necklaces and keychains. The Dad that is confident about who he becomes and what he's looking for, and yet play without any concerns with his children. The artist, the designer, the adventurous, the bohemian, the hipster, the traveler, the gamer... The keychain comes with a key-ring, and a top quality hand stamped 5/8" stainless steel disc with the word DAD. The necklaces have a simple designed featuring a charm feather. It's a perfect design for the sexy daddy.

4. We were part of an amazing Multi Vendor Sale hosted by BayouVue

5. Happy mail head out this week and few surprises, as well.

From My Homeschooling Project

1. We are still on vacation, but I'm starting gathering data and material for the Girl's 5th Grade adventure. 

2. I'm planning to start Tiny with some light Pre-School Material. That will be fun!

3. Oh, and we went to see the Captain America movie. It was lots of fun! 

Hoping for a great week! Today, I will enjoy my Perfect Monday!

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  1. Always excited to see new goodies up in the shop! :D