Monday, May 16, 2016

#thePerfectMonday Week 7

Wow! Week 7 already...

The weekend was rough, as Tiny was an early riser all weekend long. I did took advantage of the daylight to make pretty things. But to be completely honest, Sunday morning I felt like an ogre...  

Here my achievements of last week:

For Pelhuaz:

1. I was invited to participate in an important event. I was very surprised, as this event have lots of traffic and potential sales. I need to prepare lots of items to be ready. (Can I hear a YAY?)

2. I went to the supplier and got great items that inspired me to create beautiful new items that are now available at Pelhuaz Store.

3. I started a new initiative, and made a post reviewing 2 products for The Perfectly Posh by Kristin. We are running a giveaway, and you have a chance to win 1 of 2 amazing prizes. Stop by and participate. You never know... You could be a winner! Just click here.

4. Ohhh, I almost forgot... With this branding thing, I was in the need of a new logo. With the help of my beautiful friends that coached me, I was able to create this simple logo that it's perfect for what I wanted. You can see it here on the side bar, at Pelhuaz Facebook and at the store.

For Homeschooling Vacations

1. We are having a fabulous time doing nothing and spending time together. 

2. This week, we have few appointments that will have us busy.


Enjoy your #perfectMonday.

Be awesome!

Be brave!

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