Friday, May 20, 2016

#PelhuazHandmadeFavorites Week 5

This is week 5 for Pelhuaz Handmade Favorites! It's that time when I share with you my handmade favorites for the week:

#HandmadeLove by Kiser Kraft Handmade

This is one of my favorite blogs. Kelly is such a good friend that always is there to support all my craziness. #HandmadeLove is an awesome link up where handmade makers can share and show their fabulous items. 

OMG This week we were featured twice! With our Green Ivy at the Krazy Views, and our Grandma Charm Bracelet at the Krazies Picks.

My favorite from #HandmadeLove Week 36 is:

#PenguinLuv by The Craft Penguin

This is a weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop. Its goal is to help promote handmade biz and get items seen by new groups of people. Isn't that awesome? 

My favorite from Penguin Luv Week 37 is:


Because we at Storenvy are awesome. We have our own link up. This week we were featured with our Green Ivy again! Wujuuuu!

Here is my favorite for #storenvylinkups week 4:

Owl Napkin Rings by Adore by Nat


This week we added a new one. My personal favorite because it tease the nerd in me. NerdFelt have this beautiful blog where they feature the nerd power! 

Here is my favorite for #NerdMade Week #2:

A blog mention from Wilde Feature: Amy Chichester of Rubix Apparel

#EarthLinkUp by Pinecone Grove
As this is a biweekly post from Earth Friendly Link-Up, here are my picks from last week share. Also our PinkQuartz was featured... Yay!

My favorite from #EarthLinkUp No. 17 was: 

Well, there you have it... All awesome items... All my favorites!


  1. Wow! Wonderful favorites! Thank you so much for including Kiser Krafts Handmade link up as well as it's creations! ♥

    1. Your creations are wonderful and so it's your blog!

  2. Awww, thank you for including my feature! I confess, that shirt... so in love with it. hehe

  3. Thank you so much for including my owl napkin rings, Zei! <3
    All your choices are awesome!