Monday, August 8, 2016

#thePerfectMonday by Pelhuaz Week 19

1. Great things are coming our way. Changes are needed to be made and you know what? Changes are GOOD! Changes are the results of things moving... being dynamic, and not being static. Business wise it's time to move forward, and put Pelhuaz by Red where it belongs. If you remember, awhile ago we used to be Then the baby came, I became a SAHM that homeschool, left the work force from a job that I loved, and things got a little overwhelming. I took the decision to close everything, but couldn't be away long. Then little by little, I got to the hold of everything and here we are. Now I'm presented with an opportunity to get my domain, manage my store, and have everything in one website... And guess what? I'm up for the challenge.


2. Did the research, and Pelhuaz by Red will be located in a new awesome domain. I already got it, and I'm making all the arrangements to have it ready. It's looking pretty awesome. Want to have a peak? Here's how things are looking in there...

3. More Apparel Designs are heading our way, and I will keep you updated with the progress of Pelhuaz by Red new site, and the grand opening. I'm so excited!


Today is our first day of school. As vacations are over, now I'll share with you our achievements for the school year. It's my way of being accountable of what I'm doing, and also a fun way to let you know about this adventure.

Next week will be our first weekly report. Can't wait to share all the fun stuff going on in our school.

How about your achievements? Are you planning on making big changes, too? Do you need assistance? I'm here to help! :D

Hope you had great ones! Here for another awesome new week. This is a perfectMonday! 

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  1. I am super excited about your move! ☺ This week is busy in the Kiser Krafts Handmade land. So many wonderful and exciting things! Have a great day! I will see you on your new blog home! ♥