Monday, August 1, 2016

#thePerfectMonday by Pelhuaz Week 18

This was a ver exciting week for Pelhuaz. So many things to tell you!

1. For those of you that followed me in Facebook, IG & Twitter, know how excited I am about my new Apparel Collection that it's available now at Pelhuaz Store. I had this idea for a time now, and was finally able to started it. I have so many ideas, that I needed to write them down, because I don't want to missed any.

2. So far, I have available 6 designs: I create, Let's do this!, I am Crafty, Let's go places!, I am brave, and Music sounds better with you!

3. I'm working in few more designs, including one for homeschooling, as we (as a school) need new T-shirts for our field trips. Here's a WIP that I did on the weekend. Hope you get the sarcasm! Is an inside-joke! :D

4. Don't forget that this week is the two year anniversary of our friends at The Craft Penguin. Don't missed the opportunity to participate at the Multi-Vendor giveaway that we are part of!! There will be 7 wonderful prizes from 7 wonderful shops, and 7 lucky winners! Here the prizes:

    If you want to know how to participate for the chance to win visit The Craft Penguin Blog, or follow their Event.

    1. Most of my time was invested in Pelhuaz, but I did managed to arrange our Homeschooling Room and make it a little more prettier. Still work to do, but I still have a week to do so! 

    2. This is a rough draft but here's the design I made for us to wear at out field trips. Still making changes, but here's the idea. One for each one... Same design spectrum, but with a touch of individuality.

    For the Girl

    For Mama

    And for Tiny (isn't that cute?)

    How about your achievements? Hope you had great ones! Here for another awesome new week. This is a perfectMonday! 

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