Thursday, August 4, 2016

#handmadeFavorites by Pelhuaz Week 17

This is week 17 sharing of wonderful handmade goods!

Another week... another banner! I had to do it! I know I said that I will stick to the previous one, but this one was perfect to go with me, the new apparel collection, and the blog theme in general. I think that everything was getting me to this! The colors previously selected, the tone, the images... Hope you like it!

Now, the #handmadeFavorites by Pelhuaz Week 17 it's life, Baby! 

Kiser Krafts Handmade Blog it's created by one of my dearest friends, Kelly, and I love her blog. If you haven't look at it, you are missing the fun. This is a fabulous weekly link-up where you can promote your handmade creations. 

Our gorgeous friend Kelly, is back and a new #handmadelove is available. My favorite from week 44 is this fabulous Baby shower garland by OrigamiDelights  

Ohh, and one of our Tassel Necklaces was choose for the Krazies Picked: 

Jennifer from The Craft Penguin created this weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop. Her goal is to help promote handmade biz, and get items seen by new groups of people. Isn't that awesome? 

The 2 year Envyversary still on and Penguin Luv Week 49 looks awesome. My favorite from #penguinLuv is this cutie Newborn Lion mane Bonnet by EmericksEssentials

Don't missed the opportunity to participate at their celebration. For more info visit The Craft Penguin Blog, or follow their Event.

We at Storenvy are super awesome, and we have our own link up. As a community of handmade crafters, we know how difficult it can be and for such reason we support each other.

We are back with a new #storenvylinkup. Last week our Geometric Hexagon Tassel Necklace was featured as a Staff Pick.

I noticed I made a mistake here, and post the wrong link... So let's fix that... My favorite from Storenvy Link-up Week 10 was this beautiful earrings Polka-dot-heart by Imy and Me

On Fire For Handmade provides more like a share, than a link up. The items must be handmade in order to share them here. Each week they request a particular color or theme, and they select items from there to be feature the following week. 

This week theme is Fall Blues. My favorite for this week at #OnFireForHandmade is this beautiful Dragonfly Bracelet Blue and Yellow by Shanghai Tai

Katie from Nerdfelt created this weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop dedicated to the Geekies and Nerdies. 

My favorite for this week at #nerdMade Week 10 is this Storm Trooper Mug by Krafternal

Beth is the proud owner of Wildemoon. If you are a geek, this is the store for you! OMG, Beth have so many awesome things! I'm obsess with her Barbie Murder Series. Visiting this shop it's a MOST!

This week, Beth posted on her blog a fabulous tip that is a most to share. World's Best Free Wrapping Paper Holder. I do so much crafts with the Girl, that I have a ton of those things around the house... But I had never looked at them in such way! You need  to read this!

In order to be an effective Small Business Owner you need to be organized. My exquisite friend Cristie helps us with that. She recently opened I'm Late - a Planner Accessories Store, that have so many beautiful things. From charms, stickers to bookmarks and gifts ideas, she have them all. Her blog, I'm Late Planner Girl offers ideas of how to be, and stay organized.

The winners from the fabulous giveaway that Qtsy & I'm Late were hosting are announced at the blog. Are you a winner

As you know by now, at Storenvy, have a fabulous community that share and support each other. We use all the available resources to promote and make our items visible. One of those tools it's the Collections. With that we create a theme and select related items from different store. 

Here, this week fabulous featured Collections:  

By the beach a collection by Lacy Bernhardt

Amazing artists and even more amazing stores - like Mint CornerLandon's Toy Box, and LacyBug Designs are featured. 

Unapologetically Female by Adrienne Diaz

Amazing artists and even more amazing stores - like ShopEunolaFemmearchist, and Paperkitty are featured. 

Hope you enjoy all the items picked. I sure love handmade, and my Handmade Community!

Well, there you have it... All awesome items... All my favorites!


  1. Thank you for sharing! Looooove the whole thing!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my handmadelove linkup! I love the NEW look! New banner is A-mazing!

    1. Yay! I do love the new banner... This looks suit me! :D

  3. Wow, what a surprise to see my dragonfly bracelet on here! Thanks for including it in your blog. I'm glad you liked it. I will share the post.

    1. I'm obsess with dragonflies. I love it! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Great stuff as always! Thanks for including my linkup and Envyverary celebration!

    1. Always Darling! Hope it added few more traffic your way!