Monday, April 4, 2016


How about starting our week in a great mood? Why don't we declare that this will be a #PerfectMonday? 

There is a saying that you attract what you declare. So let's try this, and see what happened. Also you might recall that I decided to reopen my #StorenvyStore and kick-start the blog again. The truth is that the adventure didn't gave me time to do the things that I love, and felt obligated to it.

Now, I feel like having fun again... Just the way it should be.

I wanted to share few things with you...

From Pelhuaz:

  • After reopening, I made my first sale... YAY! 

  • The IG and the Twitter account  where updated. Feel free to visit and follow. I promise it will be fun.

  • The Facebook Page is starting to be a genuine Page. Also, feel free to visit and leave a follow or a comment. I would really appreciate that.

From My Homeschooling Project:

  • This week we are having our #SpringBreak. I know it's different from everyone else but it's what suits us. We have a very fun week planned, with field trips and hang outs, that we can't wait...
  • March was a fun month where we learned and made activities related to the #NationalCraftsMonth, #WomenHistoryMonth, #MusicInOurSchool #ReadAcrossAmericaDay, #TheIditarod, #PiDay, #StPatty, #Spring, and #GoodFriday. You can imagine how fun it was!
Sakura Tree

Wishing you all a great week, and don't forget to declare it!

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  1. Happy to have you back in the saddle, and congrats on having your first sale back already! <3