Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Indie A List

A sunny Saturday over our Little Rain Forest. I love Saturdays as I get the girl to the ballet and spend time with the family. Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you this great Community of small biz that I'm a proud member.

I'm sure you had heard about The Indie A List and wonder what exactly it is, and what members actually do. Well, today I'm gonna show you a little bit about the A Listers and the extraordinary business that form The Indie A List

Pelhuaz became a member back in 2013 after a set of "tests" and questionary. Be advised that not everyone can be part of it, and is a real honor for be to be called as a Member. 

The founder name is Kristina and she is the master mind behind it! Here's a little backstory. The A-List originated in 2012 as a page on a blog with a couple of shops listed, and as word spread about the A-List, more shops applied to be listed on the page. By 2013 were added even more shops and categories and a blog started. 

The main goal for the A-List is to become one of the top reputable resources for indie/small businesses. This means being the first stop for consumers when planning to make a purchase knowing that their will be taken care of by any member.

The Indie A List have categories for easy access of the products or services you might need. For example:

Is important to support the Small Business. Keep in mind that when you buy from a mom or a dad small business, you are helping them grow for the well being of their families. While providing support, you save money, have an unique product and stock up on gifts. 

There's so much more to coming soon from The Indie A List. We'll have events, prizes and more... 

Hope that the next time you need to get a gift or buy something for yourself, you thing on the Small Biz. 

Un beso,

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