Monday, April 7, 2014

Gift Ideas for Easter from Pelhuaz Exquiste Friends

Even Puerto Rico share lots of USA celebrations, Easter is not a very popular one. Stores are full of decorations and candies, but is not like something that most of puertorricans are looking after. However at home is another story. My girl is very creative and she thinks that the Easter Bunny is like Santa and we need to leave cookies and water over the table. She got that idea after we saw the movie Rise of the Guardians. I felt in love with the Yeti and the whole concept of the movie. 

And let's not forget the Handsome Santa with the tattoos... O.M.G.! That's my kind of Santa! <3

For today, I decided to explore few of my Exquisite Friends' Shops and share with you my favorite findings for the upcoming Easter Day. 

How about instead of a basket that will end up in a corner, you decide this year for a cute Up-Cycled Tote Bags from KRMBAL?

My Girl is always showing-off her hair clips and her favorites are from Violet's Buds. I found this beauty, a Spring in Your Step Triple Rosette Collage and is on sale. Yay!

Cherished has so delicate items, that I love them all. I picked this amazing Robins nest pin. Isn't it cute? Come on, is Easter and those are cute little eggs. 

We need to decorate, don't we? Well take a look at this Easter Egg Bunting by Unique Creations by Tracy

I love this Cute Spring Stickers with Easter Bunnies, Eggs and Chics created by Adore by Nat. They have party decorations for any occasion. Everything is so delicate and amazingly beautiful.

And what is Spring without a Peacock Wooden Toy from Imagineif Boutique? So colorful and fun to play with!

Pelhuaz also have items that can be use as party favors or just a little token of love for the Little Ones, family of friends.

Hope you can find something you like for this upcoming Easter Celebration. 

Un beso,

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