Monday, December 29, 2014

A New Year awaits us!

A New Year is just 2 days away, and I was thinking about how great was this year. I count my blessing and feel amaze of how lucky I am. Sometimes we describe a good or a bad year with that things that highlight the most, lost your job, your sells weren't what you expected, your wish list wasn't checked completely... and so on. But if you look closely, you'll see that your year was wonderful. Hey, you got the chance to be alive for another 365 days... That's amazing enough. Don't you think?  

Well here are my highlights:

1. I spend almost all 2014 pregnant and now have a beautiful boy. 

2. The Girl did amazing in all the process, even she struggled a little at school with the baby arrival, she got back on track very quick. 

3. She participated in a fabulous ballet recital where she was amazingly good, and this Mama cried thru all the show.  


4. My Hubby still my favorite person and he managed so well all the up and downs of my pregnancy (and post) perfectly.

5. We decided that I'll be a SAHM, which I love.

6. I realized that I was born to be a Mom, not a employee. (I hate dealing with imbeciles :D)

7. We had a very happy and healthy year.

8. Even I got a C-Section, I was able to return to my pre-pregnancy-weight in less than 2 months. I still need to get back in shape, but to be honest I'm not in a hurry. I spend 9 month gaining weight, so my goal is to be ready in the same amount of time.

9. Pelhuaz Store did good, but I'm sure it can do better.  

10. I realized I'm extra-mega-bless for everything I have (and for what I don't have, as well).

What are your highlights? I would love to know... 

Wishing a New Year full of love, happiness and health, from my family to yours!


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